Tiny House Mobile Homes

Built to YOUR Requirements
Built to YOUR Requirements
Built to YOUR Requirements
Built to YOUR Requirements
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Tiny House Mobile Homes
Only you know what you want in a Tiny House, so bring us your ideas and let us sort out the plans for you to fit within the approved legal requirements for a building of this type. We are here to help and make it a special place for you to feel AT HOME in.

Below are some ideas for inspiration, please note they are not homes we have built but they can give you an idea of what type of things can be acheived.
We can arrange for any of our Tiny Homes
to be shipped anywhere within New Zealand
at your cost. Because they are on wheels
they can be towed or they can be transported by truck.
Philosophy & Services
At Tiny House Mobile Homes we beleive that every customer is important and therefor we like to create an atmosphere of support
in ensuring you are getting the type of home that you are going to be totally comfortable in.
We want to make it YOUR HOME.


About Us

Tiny House Mobile Homes has recently been developed by Brett Lay and the feedback for our Tiny Houses has
been such that I want show you all the work carried out and make it possible for you to own a
special wee home of your own.

Materials are sourced wherever possible locally and we intend to have options for recycled timber, windows and joinery if required.

Designs will be individual to clients choice and can range in size from 2.5m to 9m long.
Questions and Answers
Q: What is the general  timeframe for a home to be built?
  A: 6-12 weeks depending on style

Q: What is the deposit amount  required?
A: 75% deposit rest on completion.

Q: Will the Tiny House  interior be fully set up?
A: Yes turn key.

Q: Are the chassis and wheels new?
A: All new

Q: Is there a cost to have the plans drawn up?
A: 2.5k-3k credited back on signing contract

Q: Will the house have the legal licences for travelling on the road?
A: Yes reg and warranted

Q: What sizes can be built?
A: From 2.3 long to 9 mtrs long height up to 4.2 mtrs from ground

Q: Is there any  restriction on the height?
A: Max height 4.2 from ground

Q: What sort of vehicle would be most suitable to tow the Tiny House?
A: Small truck powerful vehicle

Q: What type of timbers are used for the build?
A: Build material vary from wood to steel

Q: What type of power supply is required?
A: Completely off grid with solar panels and batteries or 240v

Q: Will any wiring installed be certified?
A: All wiring done by reg electrician

Q: Is the Tiny House insured while being built?
A: All our products are insured while being built, once received you must insure

Q: Is there a refund policy?
A: Once build has started no refund returned, must complete build

Q: Do you have any standard plans that we can add features/requirements to?
A: Yes we have plenty of ideas

Q: Do the homes come with any sort of guarantee?
A: Yes build quality is guaranteed.


What can be better than having import into your Tiny House

New Zealnd built, Local timbers, recycled timbers available, new chassis and wheels, good communication.

Ad then there are the added benefits of the Tiny House Mobile Home itself:
You can take it traveling
You don’t have to spend a lot of money building it
You don’t have to worry about future moves
Very environmentally friendly
Extremely energy efficient
The retirement cottage on wheels
Less time doing housework

And if we had more room between us, think of all we'd miss.
Love grows best in houses just like this.


We are open to ideas
Draft your plans
Build to your requirements

Brett Lay
Phone: 03 236 1093
Mob: 022 198 3782
Email: tineyhomes@gmail.com
Address: 59 Racecourse Road, R.D. 2, Winton 9786, New Zealand
Keep in touch

We look forward to your contact

You are welcome to contact us with any questions, or to disucss pland or ideas

Working hours:
Mon- Fri 8.30AM - 5PM

Contact us

59 Racecourse Road
03 236 1093
Mob: 022 198 3782

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